Blog tours not really allowed on wordpress

Blog tours are not really allowed on wordpress. And by wordpress, I mean I became aware of this when my account was suspended. I contacted wordpress and was told that posting PR stuff was against the TOS (terms of service). I think they see it as a form of spam but I am not sure. I did get my account back but did have to delete most posts. This may not be well known so I thought I would just write this up so others could know.

What is a blog tour? Well, for me and what I got involved with, it involved receiving an e-book to review but I was also sent various information about the book to post. I was also asked to post various links or images. The post was spammy in a way since some of it was a copy/paste situation. However, the review of the book part was just my own words. I was not paid to do this.

Blog tours became tiresome after a while. I stopped signing up for them. I did not blog again for a long time. Then, much later, discovered the account suspension.

WordPress support staff did tell me that book reviews are allowed though. They just need to be original writing. However, in the past I have asked about other book stuff and certain types of reviews can get your blog marked as mature (it then will not appear publicly in the wordpress reader but mature blogs are allowed on Anything that is 18 and over can get marked as mature. So that includes horror and romance that is graphic. I do not know the age requirement for but it may be age 13. There are some┬ábloggers on this site who do identify as being under 18. Accurately knowing someone’s age on the internet is really quite impossible though (my opinion).

So, if you are a book blogger, I just thought it would be good to know this about book tours. I do not know the rules for blogger but book tours may not be allowed there either. Twitter seems to have the least amount of restrictions so promotional stuff can be posted there (for now). Although, twitter has been in the news lately about removing some stuff but mostly to do with the journalist being beheaded and people posting graphic images/videos of it. For gore, well, there is always reddit. Reddit seems to allow more stuff than other sites.

Fantasy book trilogy: The Hekapolis Trilogy

The second book in this series, The Hekapolis Trilogy by Ana Bastow, will be published soon. I am looking forward to it. I really enjoyed the first book. It is essentially in the fantasy genre with a little bit of romance too (nothing explicit or graphic though). I felt the first book was well written and had an intriguing plot. Though it is part of a trilogy, the first book can be read on its own. Regarding cliffhangers, it is not heavy with that.

The Hekapolis Trilogy: Hypothesis is available on amazon, barnes and noble, and maybe elsewhere.

Just thought I would share as its a series I like.

Blog reset

I had to delete everything and start over on this blog. I had not logged in for a really long time, maybe 6 months or more? And when I tried recently, my account was suspended. So, I contacted wordpress. I will write a longer post later about why it was suspended since it applies to book bloggers and perhaps other types of bloggers as well who use Obviously, its back now.

So, apologies to authors or whoever I wrote about, but a clean sweep of deleting everything just seemed easier. A lot of the posts were not allowed. I will still blog about books but likely a little differently.