World Book Night 2014

I signed up for World Book Night. I have mentioned this before but now the date is fast approaching. I picked up my books from a local bookstore. The point is for me to give them out to light or non-readers. The idea is also to give them to strangers. Sounds hard? Maybe. I might go to a park on a weekend. They say to not go to malls. I asked a local mall anyways and they gave me a big NO. Not sure why malls are so against it. I contacted my local Starbucks but didn’t hear back. I should call again. Maybe a park is the best spot. Its public, but not a place where people make money. I would expect some hesitation when I approach people randomly about this.

The book I am giving out is Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin. I read it and thought it was decent. It has really short chapters so would be good for new readers. However, its more of an adult book. It has a few drug references in it along with sexual innuendo. Nothing explicit. I had one person on yelp pretty interested until she found out it had drugs in it. She works with some people in recovery from drugs and/or alcohol. So that’s a no go. This book could be triggering to a recovering addict.

Regardless, I will figure out how to give out these books.

If you are a light or non-reader, comment on this and I can mail you a book via media mail. I am willing to do that and think its probably ok.

Random Life Update

I am broke. I really need to find a better way to make some money. Obviously, a job would help. Unfortunately, its been a while since I worked so my record does not look so good. I would like to do something part time. I know I could tutor. I did well in school and have a graduate degree. Maybe I’ll look into figuring something out. I wish I could get paid to read.

Story Cartel

I think I will start using Story Cartel more often. Its a great places to get free books from new authors. sure, not everything is good. But I’ve won some gift cards and if there ever was a way to get paid to read, I would do it.

$5 amazon gift card giveaway

ok since I’m happy I got my blog back, I’m doing a giveaway. its open to anyone who can accept a $5 gift card. That should open it to most people. It ends in 14 days. Prize is a $5 amazon gift card to be sent via email. be sure your email is correct in the rafflecopter.



Stalkers is a book of thriller stories and is an anthology written by various authors. I got this as a gift in exchange for a review. I thought most of the stories were pretty decent in this book. I enjoyed the one by Michael Loring the best. He is a favorite author of mine. Some of the stories were a bit boring to me, but maybe that is just me. Due to not liking all of them, I am only giving this book three stars. However, it is good if you like thriller stories. I wouldn’t exactly call them horror, more just thriller. Some are chilling and suspenseful. The book has a decent amount of stories in it too. Its about 500 pages long.

amazon link:

Forgive Me

Forgive Me

Forgive Me


Forgive Me is a book written by Ashley Beale. I thought it was quite good. I enjoyed reading it and you might too if you enjoy romance books. It does have sex in it so is meant for mature readers. I thought it was written well and the character development was good. I enjoyed the characters. I also enjoy a HEA and there is one if that is important to you. I don’t want to give away too much about this book. The main character loves a man who is about to be married to someone else. She is also involved with another man too but does not love him. She really loves the one guy and the story progresses around that. I can say I recommend this for romance lovers. Ashley Beale writes some pretty good romance. I am giving this five out of five stars.

My Life News

Ok just a random update. I got my wordpress blog back. I may be doing things a bit differently on here from now on to make sure it doesn’t happen again that I get suspended. I was flagged by their automated spam detection system. They actually got back to me quicker than I thought they would. I was surprised. I’m glad to have the blog back as I do like wordpress for the most part. I just wish they wouldn’t suspend blogs in such an automated way.

Other news, I’m thinking of doing some giveaways. I’m selling some stuff on eBay to raise money for that. If you want to see what I’m selling or maybe buy something to support the giveaways, feel free. I do have some items that are pretty cheap. One isn’t. Some of it is perfume and make up. I do have a computer on there that is sorta broken but could be fixed pretty easily (I think).

Link to eBay:

Other news, I’m trying to quit smoking. Its really hard. I have some pills to take though and need to take them for a while before trying again. So gotta remember to take them which is tough for me.

I will try and read and review more. I’ve been in a sort of reading slump. I did read one book but I still have others I promised to read. I’ll get to them soon I hope.